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The Catalogue this year contains only a limited selection of the incredible wineries we work with! If you have an enquiry, don’t hesitate to give us a call, text us or send us an email.

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We’re a small and talented team of experts who source wine and wine based products in Spain for our clientele, who range from specialist wholesalers to main agencies and multi-retail. We work side by side with wineries that go from boutique estates to superb entry-level volume producers from all around Spain. We cover most of the main Denominations of Origin and all qualities and all price levels. We provide a high quality, personal service to both wineries and clients. We’re there every step of the way.



Wine sourcing from all regions in Spain at all price levels to all distribution channels.


We provide a high quality, personal service to both wineries and clients to guarantee added value. We’re there every step of the way, from the winery to the customer.


We put our winemaking and commercial knowledge into getting the right style of wine from our producers for your project as well as the right brand and design for your target market.


Wine at Source offers winemaking solutions and consulting services (from vineyard management to oenology) to improve its producers’ competitiveness in international markets.


Wine at Source was established as a division of John P. Whitten Holmwood SL by John Holmwood who’s still at the heart of the business today. So, at the beginning, it was only John. This was over 25 years ago, when he was solely working with a major Aragón producer positioning their brands worldwide. Since then, Wine at Source has grown and diversified to cover a wider range of areas, qualities and price levels in order to supply the growing demand from our clients.


John runs Wine at Source, or at least he tries, since he has to supervise various divisions of John Holmwood SL. He is the man in the shadows, overlooking all the projects and giving personal attention to our most established clients. He graduated in Economics from Trinity College Dublin, but he soon changed his beloved green fields of England and Ireland for a warm and welcoming Spain, where he fell in love. He has never stopped travelling in the search for undiscovered oenological finds.


Eventually, John’s wife, Maribel, joined the company in administration and finance tasks. She runs John (or she likes to think she does). She manages to combine other occupations with the company’s needs to ensure that the company runs more or less smoothly.


You know what they say… Jack of all trades, master of… many! She’s familiar with every detail of the business and wine exportation. She has known all our well established clients for years, some even since she was a toddler! Being a Physicist, she is very analytically minded and a perfectionist. While a scientist at heart, she has been in the wine industry for several years (basically, her entire life). She’s personally in charge of some key accounts. She goes wherever John requires her to be; visits, clients, check out new wineries! And, being so young, full of energy and talented, she’s also a very useful asset in the areas of wine label design and marketing.


…and along came Jose. He’s our favourite Chilean winemaker in the world! He “runs” the wineries and all the winemaking side of the business. He’s an Agriculture Engineer and a graduate in Viticulture and Oenology from Montpellier. In true Wine at Source style, he’s also a multitasker. Jose is our product manager, making sure that the wines fit the clients’ needs and that are of the right style and quality. He also does a superb commercial job and runs all the flow of information from the wineries to our customers.

             JON GARRIDO

Jon doesn’t run anything at all but he’s an incredibly useful asset in producing draft ideas for labels and promotional materials, keeping the webpage up and generally anything to do with keeping the company running technologically speaking. He works wonders with Photoshop. In fact, it’s thanks to him that our catalogue is here for you to read. He’s a technical architecture student and a brilliant computer engineer.



In addition to the commercial solutions and work with trademarks in international markets, Wine at Source offers winemaking solutions and consulting services to improve the competitiveness of our producers in these new markets.

The development of private labels is another important area for Wine at Source. Our team prepares and controls the production of more than 1 million bottles under private label found in the main wholesalers of the United Kingdom and the United States.

The momentum given to new wine projects is another service we offer, advising on the projection and development of these projects from the first moment, which allows us to control the production and commercial processes to achieve the best possible results both qualitatively and quantitatively.

An integral package covering the 3 main areas of consulting for wineries:



The main objective in viticulture for any winery is to obtain quality wines. The final quality of the wine depends, inevitably, on the quality of the grapes, which in turn depends upon the management of the vineyards, the terroir and the elaboration process generally. Knowing this, our team offers consultancy on key aspects:

Plantation management and layout; Choice of appropriate varieties; Pruning methodology and timing; Vineyard maintenance; Vine-growing; Irrigation; Prevention and control.


Today, keeping up-to-date with innovation and knowledge in the industry is vital for the survival of any winery. Therefore, there is abundant knowledge and research in the wine industry that must be put at the service of the whole wine sector. Apart from the vineyard itself, the second component of great importance towards the quality of the grape and thus, the end quality of the wine, is human intervention. Wine is a product of nature, but if we abandon a wine to nature’s will, it will never reach its full potential. The wine requires the technical intervention winemakers give it to express themselves fully. This is why our winemaker offers a specialist consultancy service in the following areas:

Evaluation of a winery’s needs prior to harvesting; Choice of appropriate machinery and methodology for harvesting; Selection of appropriate harvesting times; Choice of most suited vinification methods; Specialist help throughout the winemaking process; Getting the right style of wine and wine corrections; Aging of the wine; Final blends to obtain the desired styles and quality.


Wine at Source has a team of experts with a long experience in the wine industry who can manage the entire marketing process. The key point for the success of any brand is the development of their own style to create a personal identity that will differentiate them from others. This can be done by:

Studying any gaps in the market that will allow for a differentiation; The development of specific brands and styles that fit this new identity; Advise on how to strategically position your winery and brands in order to increase sales in specific markets; Exports management and communication.


Now about that most difficult of beasts, wines for supermarket groups!

Entry-level wines clearly play a key part in any retailer’s offer and Spain is the most popular choice.

Here, except for Premium level multiretail brands, we work with large cooperatives and specialist volume bottlers who can assure sustained quality and price.

Supply usually involves working to a tough brief: price target, label style, format, other dry goods, and wine style of course.

The suppliers we work with have experience in the sector on domestic and foreign markets, and are certified by either BRC or IFS, and are able to meet independent audits.

Entry-point wines usually come with private label as a prerequisite. Nonetheless, we can also offer our own brands, such as Tierra Mística, or a winery brand, to bottle at your required Denomination of Origin or area.


Don’t hesitate to contact us with any enquiry via email, whatsapp or phone call. The team will provide a high quality, personal service every step of the way.